U.S. Supreme Court’s Unreported Arrogance

U.S. Supreme Court’s Unreported Arrogance

(Family Action Council of Tennesee) The arrogance of our United States Supreme Court was on full display this week in a surprise decision that went grossly underreported in the mainstream media. If you heard about the decision, I’d be shocked. Moreover, the decision proves that the Court is now in the business of issuing edicts…

On Israel`s border, Iranian poster warns: `We are coming`

(OneNewsNow) The Islamic Republic has donned the Lebanon-Israel border with the threatening message, “We are coming,” which is portrayed coming out of the mouth of the iconic Muslim cleric who led the revolution of 1979 to overthrow Iran’s Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.  (Read More)

Charlie Gard’s Death Sentence

(Breakpoint) Can the government tell you when and where your child will die? For one couple in the U.K., the answer is “yes.” This is a chilling precedent. An incredibly complicated and heartbreaking life-and-death medical case has sparked an international debate: It’s the case of little Charlie Gard.  (Read More)

Google Censors Popular Pro-Life Page With Extensive Abortion Information

(LifeNews) The fact page Abortions in America, was – until six weeks ago – OperationRescue.org’s most visited page. It previously appeared on Google in top five hits on the search “Abortions in US,” and was a top referrer to OperationRescue.org. It has since been buried off the first results page…  (Read More)

Trans Formers: Mattis Delays Radical Troop Makeover

(FRC) Only 23 percent of America thought the military should start enlisting transgenders on July 1 — and fortunately, Defense Secretary James Mattis wasn’t one of them. With a buzzer-beating memo, the military boss made the eleventh hour decision to postpone the move for six months — to the relief of conservatives and troops across…

`Hate group` label is a dangerous weapon

(OneNewsNow) The world`s largest financial monitor of non-profit groups is being taken to task for irresponsibly slapping the “hate group” label on a Christian legal group.  (Read More)

Palestinian wife beatings blamed on Israel at U.N.

(OneNewsNow) The accusation was made when a report was submitted at a U.N. Human Rights Council meeting detailing violence against women – a document containing an allegation so outlandish that a watchdog group rebuked those delivering it instantaneously.  (Read More)