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We are located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountain town of Running Springs, California—Conveniently situated halfway between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake right on Highway 18 where it meets Highway 330.

It is our desire that you would join us as we worship our wonderful savior and that your thirst for Him would be quenched by drinking in the living water he so freely offers. We pray that as you visit this website you will be strengthened and encouraged in your daily walk with Jesus. If you are looking for a church home we would be delighted to have you come worship with us and prayerfully consider joining with us …. READ MORE

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Keeping the body of Christ up to date with the political issues of our day at the crossroads of Faith, Family and Freedom—Ezekiel 3:16-18

Bald Eagle Caught In Car`s Grill–Rescued Just In Time

(Faith & Freedom) Officials in Florida are reporting that a bald eagle, the national bird of the United States, got stuck “in a precarious position”—in the grill of a car. The driver was unaware of the crises. Another driver saw the eagle in the “precarious position,” alerted the driver, and the eagle was rescued just…

Churches sue over Massachusetts transgender bathroom law

(OneNewsNow) The law, which was signed by the governor in July and went into effect in October, bars discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations. Among other things, it allows individuals to use the bathroom or locker room that corresponds with their gender identity. Healey has found that churches are places of public accommodation.  (Read…

No Pooh-Poohing Biblical History

(Breakpoint) The late Chuck Colson was known for many things: his role in the Watergate scandal, his subsequent conversion to Christ; his work with prisoners around the world, and his efforts in promoting a Christian worldview. But to his closest associates, Chuck was also known for his sense of humor. He loved practical jokes, and…

Amazing New Research Shows Unborn Baby’s Heart Begins to Beat at 16 Days

(LifeNews) For decades, pro-lifers have used facts about an unborn baby’s heartbeat to help demonstrate their worth. Many years ago, scientific research established the fact that an unborn baby’s heart starts beating around four weeks, or 21 days, after fertilization – usually before the woman knows she is pregnant. Many sources on fetal development report…